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Wrinkle Treatment in Valdosta, GA

Wrinkles are a natural part of getting older, but with our wrinkle treatment services, you can still maintain a young, refreshed appearance. Southern Vein & Laser Center offers wrinkle treatment to men and women in Valdosta and Alpharetta, as well as surrounding areas in Georgia.

Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkles form for a variety of reasons.

  • A reduction in or redistribution of facial fat causes the skin to hang or sag
  • Lower levels of collagen diminish the skin’s natural support structure
  • Decreased amounts of hyaluronic acid leave the skin dry and reduce volume
  • The skin has less elastin and does not form to the contours as well
  • Dynamic wrinkles develop due to muscle contractions

Benefits of Wrinkle Treatment

Southern Vein & Laser Center offers several advanced wrinkle treatment options for our patients. The treatments take less than one hour and require little to no downtime.

How Wrinkle Treatment Works

The mechanisms behind our wrinkle treatments vary. Some treatments restore critical substances that keep the skin smooth and youthful. We also offer treatments that enhance collagen levels to “lift” the skin. Advanced technologies are also available to remove layers of damaged skin to reveal healthier, flawless skin.

During your consultation, we will describe the recommended treatments and how they work to reduce signs of aging.

What to Expect from Wrinkle Treatment

The techniques used for your wrinkle treatment may provide immediate or gradual improvement. Wrinkle treatment that targets the surface of the skin, such as laser skin resurfacing, may require several treatments for optimum results. The longevity of your results is also based upon the nature of the wrinkle treatment.

How Much Does Wrinkle Treatment Cost?

You choose wrinkle treatment for the cosmetic benefits, and this means that your medical insurance will not help with the cost. During the consultation, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan upon which we base your cost. We will schedule the wrinkle treatment appointments around a timeline that works best for you. For your convenience, we accept several forms of payment, including cash, checks and major credit cards. Financing is available through CareCredit®.

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Are you tired of the lackluster results of your over-the-counter wrinkle treatment? At Southern Vein & Laser Center, we offer wrinkle treatments that give you the real results you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your free personal consultation.

*Individual results may vary.