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Vitamin C IV in Atlanta (Buckhead) and Valdosta, GA

Almost every structure in the human body relies on vitamin C to stay healthy and operate properly. We absorb less than 20 percent of the vitamin C available in foods, and vitamin C IV therapy can increase the amount of this key nutrient in your system. Southern Vein & Laser Center offers vitamin C IV therapy for men and women in Atlanta (Buckhead), Valdosta and Alpharetta, as well as surrounding areas in Georgia.

Vitamin C IV

You may believe that you receive enough vitamin C from your diet, but consider that less than 20 percent of this key nutrient is absorbed from the foods that you eat. While this may be adequate to fend off scurvy and other serious medical conditions, your body still suffers. Vitamin C works with the connective tissues of your body, and not having enough of the nutrient may lead to:

  • Less collagen in the skin, which may result in lines and wrinkles
  • Thinner skin
  • Ligaments, bones, tendons and blood vessels that are weak

Benefits of Vitamin C IV

Our vitamin C IV therapy blend helps our patients with:

  • Low energy
  • Poor immune function
  • Anti-aging/antioxidant reduction

How Vitamin C IV Works

Your body uses vitamin C as an antioxidant and to support certain enzymes, such as lysine and proline that are necessary for collagen production. The nutrient also helps heal the bones and skin. Vitamin C IV therapy delivers a high concentration of the nutrient into your bloodstream so that your body has adequate levels.

What to Expect from Vitamin C IV

We place a hollow needle (catheter) into the vein of your arm, usually the inside of the elbow bend. If we are unable to use these veins, we find an area that will accommodate the needle. The vitamin C blend is prepared prior to your appointment and placed in an IV drip bag. We set the rate for the drip, and you relax for the remainder of the treatment. Expect your vitamin C IV therapy to take 30 minutes or less.

How Much Does Vitamin C IV Therapy Cost in Atlanta (Buckhead) and Valdosta?

Vitamin C IV therapy is a quick and safe technique for delivering a high concentration of vitamin C into your bloodstream, but it may not be covered by your medical insurance. During the consultation, we provide an estimated cost which may include payments by the insurance company. For your portion, you can pay by cash, checks and major credit cards. We also encourage you to apply for financing with CareCredit®.

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Vitamin C works with the connective tissues and enzymes in your body to enhance immune function and keep you feeling your best. To learn more about vitamin C IV therapy at Southern Vein & Laser Center, contact us today to schedule your free personal consultation.

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