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Permanent Makeup in Valdosta, GA

Makeup helps us look our best, but sometimes our lifestyles do not fit well with the daily routine of applying makeup. The many benefits of permanent makeup appeal to patients of all ages. Southern Vein & Laser Center offers permanent makeup to men and women in Valdosta and Alpharetta, as well as surrounding areas in Georgia from out Valdosta office location.

Permanent Makeup

Looking your very best is certainly worth the effort, but putting on makeup day in and day out can be a large, time-consuming task. If you would like an easier alternative that reduces preparation time, boosts self-confidence, and creates the perfect look on a daily basis, permanent makeup may be the ideal solution.

Southern Vein & Laser Center is a leading provider of permanent makeup services in the Valdosta area. Offering intradermal pigmentation procedures designed to enhance the skin, lips, brows, and eyes, our cutting-edge techniques provide a high-quality experience with amazing results. Medically proven and recommended for clients seeking a more youthful appearance, our permanent makeup procedures can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a long-term solution for:

  • Enhancing specific features, such as the eyelash line
  • Filling in sparse eyebrows
  • Correcting asymmetries, such as uneven lips
  • Changing the “natural” color of the lips
  • Blending minor flaws with surrounding skin

Our Permanent Makeup Services and Specialties

Intradermal Pigmentation

A revolutionary procedure designed to add permanent color into the skin, intradermal pigmentation is a method of applying micro-insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer. This state-of-the-art technique is completely safe and medically proven, offering a natural way to introduce permanent color to the body.

Intradermal pigmentation is used in many permanent cosmetic procedures, including eyeliner, eyebrow color, lip liner, and lip color, in addition to camouflaging vitiligo, stretch marks and scars, areola restoration, and hairline enhancement. Fast and long-lasting, this procedure can change the look and feel of your skin.

Lip Liner and Color

Using intradermal pigmentation, you can enhance the look of your natural lips with permanent pigmented lip color. Available in shades that complement your skin tone, this process can be used to reduce the need for lipstick as well as to change the size and shape of the lips. Colors range from soft pinks similar to the lip color of a newborn baby to bolder, more dramatic tones, offering the perfect shade for your makeup preferences and fashion sense.

Permanent Eyebrows

For those with patchy, misshapen, or light eyebrows, or for those suffering from alopecia, intradermal pigmentation can be used to adjust the size, shape, and appearance of the brows.

Performed in a way that can mimic the look and feel of hair along the brow line, our professionals can add a natural-looking fullness that won’t wash away or fade. With this medical procedure, patients can go swimming, play sports, or shower with the little risk of losing the color or shape of their brows.

Permanent Eyeliner

To enrich shape and depth of the eyes, intradermal pigmentation can be used to mimic the look of thousands of tiny eyelashes along the lash line. Popular with both male and female clients, this procedure can darken the look of the lash bed and enhance overall appearance. Additional shadowing can be performed for those interested in a soft, natural look or a bold, defined line. This procedure is ophthalmologist-approved for contact lens wearers and those who are allergic to traditional makeup.

How Much Does Permanent Makeup Cost?

During your consultation, we provide a cost for your permanent makeup. For your convenience, we accept several forms of payment, including cash, checks, major credit cards and CareCredit® financing.

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With the ability to reduce time in the mornings and improve the look and feel of your skin, intradermal pigmentation is ideal for anyone seeking a youthful, elegant appearance. Contact us today to learn more about the permanent makeup options at Southern Vein & Laser Center in Valdosta or to schedule a consultation!

*Individual results may vary,