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IPL Photofacial in Atlanta (Buckhead) and Valdosta, GA

IPL™ Photofacials use light energy to address common skin problems, such as rosacea, wrinkles, uneven skin color and certain types of scars. Southern Vein & Laser Center offers IPL™ Photofacials to men and women in Atlanta (Buckhead), Valdosta and Duluth, as well as surrounding areas in Georgia.

IPL™ Photofacial Treatments

Intense pulsed light (IPL) energy is clinically proven to improve cosmetic flaws that begin in the deeper layers of skin and appear on the surface. At Southern Vein and Laser Center we use EVO Light™, which is delivered using a non-laser light source. IPL™ Photofacial treatment is recommended for:

  • Areas of redness
  • Blotchy appearance (uneven skin color)
  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Freckles
  • Dark spots and age spots
  • Large pores
  • Rosacea

Benefits of IPL™ Photofacial Treatments

Because IPL™ Photofacials address a range of cosmetic issues, the treatments are preferred by patients who want to maximize the benefit of their aesthetic appointments. IPL™ Photofacials take 30 minutes or less in most cases, and no downtime is needed.

How IPL™ Photofacial Treatments Work

IPL™ Photofacials work by stimulating collagen production and constricting blood vessels in the skin. The combined effect improves surface appearance while reducing coloration differences across the treatment area, such as redness.

We may recommend alternative treatments if you have:

  • Severe acne scars
  • Deeply tanned skin
  • Naturally darker skin
  • Deep, advanced wrinkles and creases

Women should not have IPL™ Photofacials during their pregnancies.

What to Expect from IPL™ Photofacial Treatments

A gel is applied to the skin to keep it cool during the treatment. A special tool is used to apply bursts of intense pulsed light energy. Each time the intense pulsed light is applied, you may feel a sensation that feels similar to a snap of a rubber band. You may have some redness for two to three hours after the treatment. Results may take seven days or more depending on the nature and severity of the skin condition being treated.

How Much Do IPL™ Photofacial Treatments Cost?

At Southern Vein & Laser Center, we do everything we can to make treatments affordable for our patients. During the consultation, we develop a treatment plan that is used to determine the cost. We can schedule treatments at your convenience so that you can best manage your budget. Our payment options include cash, checks and major credit cards. If you are interested in financing the cost of your IPL™ Photofacials and other treatments, we invite you to apply for financing through CareCredit®.

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Red blotches, wrinkles, dark spots and sun damage are just some of the ways that your skin makes you look older. Dr. Ambrozic of Southern Vein & Laser Center specializes in IPL™ Photofacials to address these and other issues. To learn more, contact us today to schedule your free personal consultation.

*Individual results may vary.